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Somatic Healing & Breathwork

Our bodies can help us process emotions and traumatic memories that may be overwhelming for our thinking brains. I offer short & long term somatic healing therapy which focuses on our bodies as our greatest tools for healing. This can be incorporated into individual and /or relationship work.

I am a trained Sensorimotor Psychotherapy practitioner, a kind of body based therapy that helps us understand the impact of trauma or any distressing event on our brain & nervous system. Together, we will better understand your nervous system and what activates it.


Our work will start with building an understanding of the body's responses to stimuli and different coping to use depending on the trigger utilizing The Polyvagal Theory. Then, expand into discharging traumatic energy without having to relieve traumatic memories and help the body unlearn trauma responses. In somatic sessions, we will help your body have a new experience and be able to feel pleasure and embodiment again or for the first time.


Because this work does not need to include as much narrative as ongoing therapy, we can work together in a long term or short term (minimum of 6 sessions suggested) way. Many find it compliments individual work (with myself or a different therapist!)

Starting in June 2020, I will also be offering 60 minute breathwork sessions, helping clients connect with their breath, practicing specific breath patterns, and staying with a particular breath for an extended period of time as a way to safely process emotion through the body.