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Consultation for EMDR Certification
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In my work as an EMDR consultant in training, I can provide 15 of the 20 hours needed to licensed therapists who have completed their basic training in EMDR and are working towards being certified. 


I can also provide the consultation hours needed to complete basic training with permission from the basic trainer.

I specialize in consulting with EMDR therapists who work with clients who are queer and trans. I know first hand how difficult it is to find a consultant within our own LGBTQ+ community, and understand the importance of that when seeking support as a therapist. No one understands us and our clients better than our own.

Link to find an EMDRIA approved basic training here.

I also offer supervision to other licensed therapists wanting to break free from exploitative "group practices" and high burn out, low support non-profits, as well as private practice clinicians who want to grow & expand.

Find out more about the workshops and trainings I offer here.

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