Coaching & Consultation

In my work as a career coach, I offer space to therapists & healers to explore the many options they have on their paths, offering concrete information as well as unpacking imposter syndrome and other road blocks. In sessions we will...

  • Discuss the how to's of building a sustainable and fulfilling practice

  • Explore learning & training opportunities

  • Uncover beliefs around taking up space & worthiness and nourish new ones

  • Develop an identity as a healer or therapist

  • Review online marketing options such as building a website, having an Instagram presence and so on


As a somatic coach, we can explore the inherent wisdom of the body. In sessions we will...

  • Develop an understanding of the nervous system using the Polyvagal theory

  • Build a toolbox of somatic resources

  • Explore relationship to the body and to pleasure

  • Use breathwork to release pent up stress energy and fully inhabit the body

Additionally I offer consultations to other therapists on complex cases involving trauma, gender, sexuality, BDSM, and somatic practices, as well as larger organizations on how to create more inclusive working environments.

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