Connecting with our breath is one of our most powerful and constant resources. In my work as a breathworker we explore the impact of trauma on the breath, explore new ways of breathing, and practice longer breath sequences to release pent up stress energy and trauma.

Our breath has a direct impact on the way our nervous system feels at all times. We breathe all day, sending our body into fight or flight, or, safe & social, depending on how we breathe. 

Breathwork can be a powerful tool for helping our bodies regulate and feel safe again after trauma.

I offer one on one sessions where we explore our breath as is, and then practice different ways of breathing to help guide our nervous system into new and safer places. We will discuss what is literally happening inside of the body during this process, and find breath patterns that resonate with your body. We can also practice sustaining certain patterns for longer periods of time together to release stress hormones that have been activated during trauma and connect to deeper emotions.

I also offer workshops for group breathing workshops and practice.

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