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Training & Coaching

Organizations, universities, collectives, and other practitioners need affirming and informed resources too. I offer trainings on trauma & resiliency, gender & sexuality, and incorporating anti-oppressive practices into your workplace.

I have worked with non-profits, universities, and companies to expand their understanding and vocabulary around gender identity, sexual identity, mental health, oppression, and becoming trauma informed.

I also coach other therapists and healers on expanding their practice, reaching more folks, and training oppotunities to grow skill sets.


My most popular training, Trauma & Resilience is a somatic oriented training that helps attendees understand the impact of trauma on the body, vicarious trauma, internal coping and resourcing, the nervous system, and the inherent healing capacities we have inside us. This training includes an in depth description of the nervous system and brain, survival responses, and provides practical coping skills and realistic self care tools for different kinds of trauma responses.

Click here to see the trainings I have pre-recorded and available online.


I offer trainings, including:

Unlearning White Supremacy in the Workplace, Gender 101, Sexuality 101, BDSM 101, Vicarious Trauma, Healing Your Attachment Style, Healing Trauma through Kink, Understanding PTSD, Body Based Coping Skills.


If you are interested in a training on any of the above topics or anything else related to them I am very happy to work alongside your organization to develop a training that meets all your needs!

I have facilitated workshops and trainings at places such as...