Training & Coaching

Organizations, universities, collectives, and other practitioners need affirming and informed resources and support too. I offer trainings on trauma & resiliency, gender & sexuality, and incorporating anti-oppressive practices into your workplace.

I have worked with non-profits, universities, and companies to expand their understanding and vocabulary around gender identity, sexual identity, mental health, oppression, body based coping & healing, the nervous system, and becoming trauma informed.

Click here to see the trainings I have pre-recorded and available online.

I also coach other therapists and healers on: 

  • Growing your reach 

  • Finding your voice as a healer & therapist

  • Exploring further training

  • Transitioning to online work during COVID-19

  • Owning your power

  • Applying an anti-oppression lens to your practice

  • Processing the intensity of the work at this time (and always)

I have facilitated workshops and trainings at places such as...

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