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Trauma Therapy

No matter what we have experienced in life, we all have an inherent capacity to heal. We can feel connected to ourselves and come home to our bodies. Healing is possible. You can inhabit your own life. Your life is yours.

Here we can dive deep into self-discovery, restoring a connection to all parts of yourself, especially those you’ve had to reject to survive. Using somatic-oriented EMDR therapy to foster a deeper connection between mind and body, we will explore the impact of any traumatic experiences on the brain, nervous system, and connection with the self and all relationships. Together we will unpack where beliefs and patterns come from, building an understanding of attachment and the impact of society on our sense of self.


The core of my approach is empowering people to be and love their authentic selves in a world that often shames and rejects anyone who may fall outside the norm. I work primarily with LGBTQ+ folks and women survivors, many of whom are healing from PTSD and cPTSD.


I am trained in body based EMDR, IFS, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Trauma Focused CBT, as well as parts work. I weave these gentle & effective healing modalities together to help clients develop internal resources and see the inherent resilience of the mind & body. In EMDR we can reprocess distressing memories and negative beliefs that are keeping you from living your fullest, most authentic life.

Due to the nature of EMDR, I am not able to safely work with clients who are suicidal, have a life threatening addiction, or need more skills based therapy like DBT. If you need referrals for this kind of care, I will do my best to provide them!


I also offer sessions at no cost for writing letters needed for gender affirmation surgeries.


 A percentage of my spots are sliding scale for QTPOC folks. 

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