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Now more than ever we need concrete resources and hope around our changing climate. Whether climate change is directly impacting our lives, or a looming presence, we could all use more glimmers, more connection, and more peace. 


As trained trauma therapists, we know humans experience stress in our bodies and store these experiences somatically. Our nervous systems are on edge—we are struggling to sleep and to ground ourselves in the midst of so much uncertainty. 


In this workshop, we will provide an overview of how climate anxiety impacts our nervous systems, how it triggers parallel experiences of inaction, abandonment, and loss, and how to regulate our emotions to effectively take action. 


The lens in which we explore climate anxiety is informed by our work as therapists and organizers and takes into account the differential experiences of oppression, racism, and climate injustice. 


Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of survival responses and the Polyvagal theory, as well as a toolkit of body based and collective resources.


This workshop was recorded live with co presenter Hallie Boas, LMHC.

Climate Anxiety

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