Andrea Gutiérrez-Glik, LCSW

Therapist, Writer, & Supervisor
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No matter what we have experienced in life, we all have an inherent capacity to heal. We can feel connected to ourselves and come home to our bodies. Healing is possible. You can inhabit your own life. Your life is yours.

Relationship Therapy

In my work with partnerships of all kinds, we will explore how childhood, life experiences and past relationship pain show up in the present. I offer concrete tools and exercises to heal and expand intimacy, communication and desire. 


Our brain often incorrectly stores traumatic memories in our immediate, present day memories. EMDR allows for the brain's natural process of digesting memories to engage, that way these memories can be properly stored in the past. 

Coaching & Supervision

As a career coach, I guide therapists on their path through concrete information on building a practice, reaching clients, and unpacking imposter syndrome. As a supervisor, I am able to support other advanced therapists in their practices using an anti-oppressive approach.

My Approach

My approach blends together EMDR, Polyvagal Theory, and Parts Work. I am interested in not only getting to know your story, but your parts and nervous system.


In EMDR,  we can reprocess distressing memories and negative beliefs that are keeping you from living your fullest, most authentic life.

About me

For the past 13 years,  I have worked as a trauma therapist, sex educator, teacher, intake coordinator, and community organizer. 

I specialize in treating trauma and PTSD for  women, queer & trans folks, using body based and feminist therapy practices to help clients come home to themselves. Currently, I practice online, and live on stolen & occupied Osage & Sioux native land.


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