Andrea Glik, LMSW

Therapist & Educator

No matter what we have experienced in life, we all have an inherent capacity to heal. We can feel connected to ourselves and come home to our bodies. Healing is possible. You can inhabit your own life. Your life is yours.

In my work with partnerships of all kinds, we will explore life experiences and past relationship pain shows up in the present. I offer concrete tools and exercises to heal and expand intimacy, communication and desire. 

Organizations, universities, collectives, and other practioners need affirming and informed resources. I offer trainings online & in person on trauma & gender & sexuality, as well as career coaching for other therapists/healers to find their voice and grow their reach.

Connecting with our breath is one of our most powerful and constant resources. In my work as a breathworker we explore the impact of trauma on the breath, explore new ways of breathing, and practice longer breath sequences to release pent up stress energy and trauma.

My Approach

My approach is rooted in the Polyvagal Theory, blending together body based Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and more traditional, cognitive therapies of CBT and psychodynamics. I am interested in not only getting to know your story, but your body and how it reacts to stimuli & triggers, and your attachment styles. Together we will unpack core beliefs about yourself and discover where and who you learned them from, how they have impacted your body, and other ways of thinking and feeling about yourself and the world that come from a true self.

About me

For the past 10+ years,  I have worked as a trauma therapist, sex educator, teacher, intake coordinator, and community organizer. 

I specialize in treating trauma and PTSD for queer & trans folks, using body based and feminist therapy practices to help clients come home to themselves. Currently, I practice in New York City (occupied Lenape territory).


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