Relationship Therapy

Our struggle to feel whole and authentic can show up in our relationships too. In my work with partnerships of all kinds, we will explore how our life experience and past relationship pain is showing up in our present. I offer concrete tools and exercises to heal and expand intimacy, communication and desire. Together we will build a space to heal your relationship(s) that is open, honest, inclusive, and non judgmental.

Utilizing attachment based Imago relationship therapy, relationship sessions develop communication skills and help all members of the relationship understand their own attachment style and its impact.


With my training as a sex educator, I foster a safe and non-shaming environment. Here, I offer concrete tools to communicate more deeply about sex and desire and exercises that help rekindle desire. Most of us didn't get the information we need about our & our partner's bodies when we were younger, so together we can fill in gaps in knowledge. 


I specialize in:

LGBTQ+ relationships, alternative relationships, healing intimacy & desire, difference in desire, attachment style, the impact of trauma on relationships, healing from interpersonal violence & sexual trauma, body image & sex, healing from religious and cultural shame around sex, poly/non-monogamy, sex work, kink, BDSM, 24/7 D/S relationships.