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Somatic Coping for Stress is a workshop covering the nervous system, impact of stress on the body, and internal tools for regulation. This workshop provides over 40 skills that can be utilized to decrease and release stress, idenitfying which skills can be used at what places in the nervous system.


Workshop runs 52 min, but please leave time for 20 minutes of journaling, and take time to pause the workshop and practice each skill, if it serves you.


This workshop is similar to the Trauma and Resilience training for healers, but has been adapted for all and focuses even more on skills for stress. If you purchased Trauma & Resilience, please reach out for a discount code for this workshop.


If you are a queer or trans person of color, chronically ill &/or disabled person, or a sex or service worker, please reach out for a discount code as well.

Somatic Coping for Stress