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Andrea Gutiérrez-Glik, LCSW

EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist for the LGBTQ+ Community
Trauma Therapy

No matter what we have experienced in life, we all have an inherent capacity to heal. We can feel connected to ourselves and come home to our bodies. Healing is possible. You can inhabit your own life. Your life is yours.


EMDR allows for the brain's natural process of digesting memories to engage, that way traumatic memories and their impact on our bodies can be properly stored in the past. EMDR is clinically tested to be highly effective treatment for trauma.

Workshops & EMDR Consultation


I offer workshops on trauma, the nervous system, and LGBTQ+ competency to businesses and organizations.

As an EMDR Consultant in Training, I am able to provide certification hours to other EMDR therapists who have completed basic training.

My Approach
About me

I started doing this healing work 14 years ago during a time in my life where I was searching for concrete skills and purpose to help myself. 

I specialize in treating trauma and PTSD for  women, queer & trans folks, using EMDR & Parts Work.

 I also work with clients on treating OCD with the gold standard of OCD treatment: ERP and I-CBT.


Currently I practice and live on stolen & occupied Osage & Sioux land in St. Louis, Missouri.


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Thank you for joining me!

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